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I got my start in mental health at a young age. After deciding that law school was not where I wanted to be I took the first job that I could find, managing a group of sober living homes. It was in these deep and meaningful conversations I was having with young men and women as they were starting the sober chapter of their life ​that I found my life's purpose.

From sober living homes I moved to youth residential facilities working with youth aged 11 to 18 who were struggling at home, school and in their communities. In this role I learned the intricacies of working with youth suffering from complex and severe mental illness. I learned the importance of treating youth with respect and dignity while helping to foster growth and family connection.

While in graduate school I had the honor of being selected by a community health agency to create and implement ​a youth therapy program. While working with many amazing professionals I established the first youth services program in a town of 40,ooo people in the Arizona desert. While working with youth from 11 to 25 I learned the importance of family therapy work and its role in early adult development. Working with youth fresh out of high school while they tackled the age old question of "what's next" was a very rewarding experience.

Currently while working in private practice I also am the Director of Therapeutic Services for a premier transitional program for those struggling with the basic life skills required for sustainable independent living.

Education & Training

Currently Pursuing

Doctorate in Social Work (DSW),

University of Southern California,

Advanced Practice with a focus on rural youth development


Masters in Social Work (MSW),

Arizona State University,

Graduate with Distinction


Community Advocacy and Social Policy (BA),

Arizona State University school of Social Work,

Graduate Summa Cum Laude


Criminal Justice Pre-Law (AA),

Central Arizona College school of Criminology,

Graduate with honors

Volunteer Experiences


Shoshone County Crisis and Resource Center

I currently serve as a Board Member focusing on program development and design. The Shoshone County Crisis and Resource Center helps victims of domestic violence within Shoshone county.


Phoenix Pride LGBT Center

Minot LGBT Coalition

As a Counselor I worked with members of the LGBT community and their families within the community. These services included finding resources for the community and center, therapy, and

crisis de-escalation.

As a founding member of the Minot LGBT Coalition I helped to bring services and community to the oil fields of North Dakota. From weekly group events to a Pride festival the Coalition helped those who lacked community where they lived.

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