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Client Focused Therapy

Help that meets you where you are

working to create lasting positive change in your life.

About Joshua


Joshua brings over eight years of experience in the world of mental health. From working with youth in residential treatment programs to the elderly in assisted and skilled nursing homes, Joshua has learned the importance of meeting clients where they are.

Joshua has helped traverse the emotional battle-ground of depression, anxiety, grief, and hopelessness with his clients with positive result. In the year of COVID-19 it is clear anxiety and fear are a large part of the emotional load we carry as we try to "get through life". Sometimes life gets difficult and the thought of getting through it alone can be overwhelming. There is hope and better days ahead.


Areas of Expertise

Blended Families

Depression and Anxiety


Is therapy right for me?

If you are reading this paragraph, the answer is generally "yes". Whatever reasons bring you here are valid. Unlike a broken arm, mental destress is more difficult to see and often, to accept. When is our stress too much stress? When is our sadness actually depression? How can we know when it is time to ask for help? As your therapist I can help you navigate these questions and find answers. I pride myself in working with all different kinds of people in different areas of their lives.

There is no magic cure for mental and emotional discomfort. Therapy only works when we put in the work to create meaningful and lasting change in our lives. Not everyone is ready for such work and in those instances little can be offered from me; however, for those that are ready to tackle the "why" behind their feelings, therapy is always a productive option.

If after your first session you believe that therapy or myself is not the right fit I will gladly refund you every penny paid.

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